Marina Violation List

List of violations of maritime intermediaries


  • Stand on the beaches SAR300.00

  • Spraying and harassing beach visitors SAR300.00

  • Nor wearing a life jacket SAR300.00

  • Download people from beaches SAR500.00

  • Marine Vessel Rental SAR2500.00

  • Putting a box on the sidewalk SAR500.00


  • Make repairs by intermediary without Admin. approval SAR500.00

  • Throwing waste and oils in the marine basin SAR500.00

  • Drop off from the beaches SAR1000.00

  • Don't write the name and the number of the tank.

  • Marine tank leadership (children) SAR300.00

  • Increase the load on the vessel SAR300.00

        • In the event of a repetition of any of the violations shown in the above table, the value of the violation will be doubled.