Marina Management Instructions

    Not to lower or raise the marine vehicle except through the first party after obtaining permission from the border guards. 
    It is forbidden to enter any external technical cadres to perform any kind of maintenance inside the marina except after reviewing the first party, obtaining permission to do so and paying the prescribed fees, provided that the specialization is not available in the Marine Maintenance Department.

    Do not throw waste and cigarette butts inside Dorra Marina, and adhere to general hygiene.

    Not leaving valuable personal items inside the boats, and the administration is not responsible for any lost items.
    It is forbidden to bring fuel (gasoline or diesel) from outside the marina.
    It is strictly forbidden to rent marine vessels without the knowledge of the first party. It is strictly forbidden to drive any marine vessel without a written authorization to do so, provided that he holds a marine driving license.
    Commitment to public morals in behavior and clothing in the berth.
    When renting the marine vessel, please show your family card and ID in case there is a family on the trip.
    Adhere to the safety and security instructions inside the marina.
    Ensure the condition of the strapping on the sidewalk and the validity of the ropes and anchors on the vessel.
    Ensure the condition of the sidewalk power cable connected to the vessel to avoid any damage or fire as a result.
    The owner of the vessel is obligated to install the side panels on the vessel to maintain its integrity and the safety of the rest of the adjacent vessels.
    Check the expiry date of the safety and security tools on the intermediary to avoid any potential accidents.
    It is strictly forbidden to wash tanks or jet-bots by the owner.
    Fines will be applied to any violator.
    It is strictly forbidden to anchor on the beaches and disturb the owners and visitors.